Codepoints 1.0.6 bug

Earlier today Codepoints 1.0.6 was released on the App Store.

Soon afterward, crash reports showed an issue related to character rendering. Specifically, scrolling past or searching for characters in the Oriya set from Unicode 8 can cause a crash in Codepoints.

The actual cause of the problem is in Apple's own code rather than Codepoints itself, however as a temporary workaround, rendering the Oriya characters will be disabled until I can find a better solution.

So Codepoints 1.0.7 containing the emergency fix for the issue has been submitted to Apple for expedited review, though it may still take several days to go through the review process.


While I don't yet know whether this bug only affects OS X 10.11, or apps compiled against the 10.11 SDK (Codepoints 1.0.6 was the first version to do so), I do know that the crash happens in Apple's CoreText, a library included in OS X.

Below is a shortened crash report for this issue, I'll be submitting a bug report to Apple about it tonight.