Codepoints 1.0.6 is now available on the App Store.

What's new in this version:

  • Add support for Yosemite dark mode
  • Update to Unicode 8.0 database (NOTE: not all new Emojis in Unicode 8.0 have matching font glyphs available!)
  • Fix bug that caused the app to stay on screen when clicking other menu bar items
  • Fix bug that could potentially cause a crash while searching
  • Significantly reduce memory usage

About a year ago, Codepoints 1.0.5 was announced, however it was never released on the App Store. A bug that could cause the app to crash was discovered while it was in review, and while the cause of the bug was quickly found and fixed, the update could not be properly tested and resubmitted to the App Store until now due to personal health issues. Sorry!