Mi-Fi Monitor 1.4 is waiting for approval in both app stores.

The primary change on Mac is the ability to selectively enable the signal, battery, or both icons in the menu bar. New icons are also included, I got feedback from more than one person that the old ones were too big so I started from scratch and made Mi-Fi Monitor draw them on-the-fly in code (using bezier paths and a ton of math :)

On iOS and Mac the graph is now marked clearly with a time frame (45 seconds), and on iOS the graphs are back to being bubbles, the full screen graph was just too big especially on the iPad.

I've also removed the password field on both platforms since it isn't used anymore.

I've also fixed a minor memory leak in the Mac version. It was only a KB every few seconds but over the course of a few hours or more it could (and in one case did) add up to quite a bit of memory use.

In the process of fixing that memory leak I decided to just take the time and convert Mi-Fi Monitor on all platforms to use ARC, which should help prevent leaks in the future and make the entire codebase more maintainable.

The switch to using ARC means 32-bit Macs can't be supported anymore because ARC doesn't work on 32-bit machines. Everyone on Lion has a 64-bit machine, but there are probably still a few 32-bit Snow Leopard users around.